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Dance. Yoga. Mindfulness
Play-Based Approach


Today, children are experiencing great levels of stress in our growing and fast paced society. This has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic where children have had a hard time coping and adjusting to family sickness, new restrictions impacting their daily life. 


In an age that is saturated with digital overstimulation and deteriorating mental health in youth, we believe movement & mindfulness is the medicine.


New research is showing how kids yoga & mindfulness practices enhance
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Confidence
  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Self-esteem
  • Coping and social skills
  • Ability to pay attention &
  • Focus
  • Academic performance
Children's ability to 'bounce back' and gain resilience from challenging times are based off of their immediate support systems, networks and environments. Yoga, dance and mindfulness teach kids are wonderful tools of support and play that kids need to grow in a positive way.

our solution

Our classes are designed to be a fun & developmentally appropriate way to teach children to connect with their minds and bodies early on.

We support kids to get in touch with their feelings by offering them education on how their minds work and how to practice healthy self-regulation. 

Mindfulness is imbued in each class. Kids need time for play, action and dance as well as time to slow down, ground down and experience the present moment as it's happening for them. 



Children with higher levels of emotional, mental and physical literacy are shown to be more
  • Resilient
  • Adaptable
  • Compassionate &
  • Confident
This is exactly the type of skills we want our students to start learning as they undergo one of the largest brain growth & synaptic pruning periods in their lifetime!
(this occurs between1-10 yrs)

Our Core Values


Physical Literacy

We help motivate confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding of how the human body works in bite-sized pieces to children. We introduce and master fundamental gross and fine motor skills throughout our programs to help children be lifelong and enthusiastic participants in physical activity

Our curriculum is inspired by:


  • Traditional Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Yama, Nimaya, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi (8 Limbs)

  •  Anne Green Gilbert’s BrainDance: Integrating mind and body through reflexive and simple movements that humans develop through the first year of life that are fundamental to all later movement development. BrainDance is 8 movement patterns that stimulate calm and creativity in the body through movement.


  • Dalcroze Eurethmy: Using the body as an instrument and learning musicality and rhythm through interpretive movement

  • Barteneiff Fundamentals: A series of movement patterns that focuses on movement integration and harmony. When moving, our coordination is affected by body connections, center of weight and the relationship to initiation and follow-through of a given action. The goal is for the body to move with more ease and expression


Socio-Emotional Learning

We help children understand their own emotions and that of others, develop empathy, and self-regulation, set and achieve positive goals and experience healthy relationships. 

Each class children participate in mindfulness exercises including reflections, discussions, journaling or art based learning of emotions.


Resilience Tools

We use evidence-based and trauma-informed mindfulness practices and breathing techniques for emotional regulation to help children cope with big feelings and rise from a challenge. 

Each class starts with a check-in where children are encouraged to share and talk about whatever is on their minds. This builds trust, safety and rapport between our instructors and the children we teach. 



To provide tools & resources for physical and emotional learning to children, families and schools through mindful movement


We Stand For:

Movement should be fun!